Gorilla Fans - HVLS Fans

GORILLA HVLS Fans (High Volume, Low Speed) (X30, X40, X40S, X50, X60, X60S & X70)
  • Features

The stylish ZOO (Zone Of Occupancy) Cooler is a safe and unobtrusive spot cooling fan that helps create a feeling of freshness and a pleasant comfortable indoor environment. It is more quiet than most pedestal fans and is energy efficient to operate.

  • Wide Selection of blades 3 meters to 7 meters
  • High effciency EC brushless motor
  • Aerodynamically Aluminium Extruded Shaped Blade
  • Energy Saving & Low operation cost
  • Coloured Touch Screen Control Panel (Link up to 4 HVLS Fans)
  • Long Life Motors Span
  • Easy, Fast installation and light weight
  • Installation and operation safety features
  • BMS / BAS compatible & programmable
  • Made in Italy (Montichiari)